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Renting Exotics In Nevada

Nevada is a state on the western side of America that borders California. The best-known place to visit in Nevada is Las Vegas, a town with huge hotels, lavish casinos and bars of every kind. Drive along the Vegas Strip in a Nevada Exotic Car Rental and take in the neon lights that illuminate every building.

Pull into one of the world-famous 5 star hotels such as Caesars’ Palace, The Bellagio or Trump International and take your place at the roulette wheel or Black Jack table. Add to the list of things to do: theatre shows, sporting events, night clubs and endless shopping choices and you can see why it is called the entertainment capital of the world.

To get away from the bright lights and slot machines, rent a luxury car like a Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce or Lamborghini and head out to one of the spectacular national parks of Nevada.

What to See In Nevada

Located on the southern-most tip of the state is Big Bend of the Colorado, a stretch of the river where there’s a sandy beach, picnic spots and walking paths. Speed boats and jet skis are taken out on the water, and wildlife can be spotted on the shoreline.

Camping is also popular along the river if you have a passion for the great outdoors. State Road 375 has been nicknamed Extraterrestrial Highway and it runs alongside Area 51 – the top secret area in Nevada that belongs to the US government.

The town or Rachel has the little motel called A le Inn (Alien) where you can grab a bite to eat and pick up Area 51 souvenirs. The scenery is unique in this part of America, the dry landscape is sprinkled with cacti and red rocks on either side of the road. Pick up a Nevada exotic sports car, a drophead supercar or a luxury sedan and make exploring Nevada an unforgettable experience .

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