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The second generation of the Range Rover Sport released in 2013 effortlessly combines distinctive and dynamic sports styling with breathtaking performance, alongside a luxuriously appointed interior that’s smooth and silent even at high speeds. When you add the 5 litre supercharged V8 that outputs 503bhp and a top speed of 155mph, Autobahn journeys in this 4x4 will be quiet, comfortable and quick.

The Range Rover Sport rental is currently the most popular hire car. It's safe and really very practical but also has the celeb factor.

Booking a Range Rover rental direct with a local company means you always get the best rate guaranteed. Make a search, compare rates and contact a local owner.


For a sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Range Rover Sport is ridiculously well specified. It is a seven-seater and the elevated driving position is slightly low slung, making the cabin sportier in a way that is reminiscent of its smaller sibling, the Range Rover Evoque.

The chassis is aluminium using the same platform as the Range Rover Vogue, shaving 300kg of the weight of the previous edition and this shows in the lighter handling.


The Range Rover Sport does not disappoint when it comes to performance. As a Range Rover you would expect to experience the best of both road driving performance and off-road versatility. This is a versatile and adaptable beast that is equally at home tackling a boulder strewn stream bed in low range as it is coping with the vicious kerbs of a London or Paris school run. The double wishbone aluminium and multilink suspension is coupled with air springs and variable dampers that cope elegantly with the stream bed’s boulders, and also allows three height settings to suit local conditions. The traction control can be quite feisty but can also be switched off, giving purist 4x4 drivers an extra degree of control when navigating the narrow streets of Dublin or a snowy Vienna winter.


True to its sports heritage, the Range Rover Sport is more compact than the full size Vogue, but that adds to its attraction. It is certainly a dream to park in tights spots and slips neatly through bridleways on a day’s ‘green laneing’ in the countryside. The body has been upgraded since 2013, with a longer wheelbase, lower profile and a flatter windscreen that tempers the smooth lines with a slightly retro look. It comes in seven exterior colours and the choice of both exterior and interior styling is extensive. We’ve already said that the inside is luxurious, but we’ll say it again: the interior is class, comfort and function all rolled into one. For a mid-range SUV, there is ample space for four adults with luggage, plus you have the extra seats at the back. The visibility is best in class, particularly useful when taking a jaunt off-road.

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