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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

Luxury car Hire In The Netherlands

Choosing to rent luxury cars in the Netherlands can greatly enhance your enjoyment of a trip to this attractive country, whether that visit is for business or pleasure. Compact and easy to navigate, with some excellent roads, the Netherlands is satisfying and easy to drive around with well maintained motorways and minor roads. Even its cities, famed for their bicycles tend to be well-provided with car parking facilities and perfect for a wander around.

So much to see and do

With many visits beginning in Amsterdam, it may make sense to begin your exploration of the country here. Famous for its coffee houses and its "bruine kroeg" (or, brown pubs, so-named for their wood panelled and nicotine-stained old walls), its network of canals, the world-renowned Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum and, of course, Anne Frank's ", now itself a museum, it is easy to occupy yourself in Amsterdam. Beyond the city, however, the open road awaits.

The Hague

Perhaps you envisage seeing windmills, herds of Friesan cows, fields of tulips and a dyke or two from the window of your vehicle. You're unlikely to be disappointed but do not forget that there is far more to this little country. There are several attractive seaside towns, including Zandvoort and Vlissingen, perfect for relaxing. The country's seat of government, The Hague, is also worth visiting, as is Delft, known for its blue-painted white pottery.

Local Fleet Partners

Wherever you are in the country, our local fleet partners have a superb range of luxury cars available to rent including the iconic Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, BMW and Range Rover among the options. Whether you see yourself behind the wheel of a SUV 4x4, a supercar or a cabriolet sports car, you are sure to find the perfect option when you rent luxury cars in the Netherlands. And, with a quick and easy online search platform, there's nothing to stop you choosing and reserving your ideal vehicle today.

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