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Artistic Wonders Everywhere

Romance, food, wine, history, art treasures housed in equally spectacular buildings, archaeological sites and, of course the Romans. Italy has so much to offer whether you opt for a short break, you’re visiting for business or you’re an independent traveler exploring the country from behind the wheel of a luxury car rental. Italy’s colorful past is inextricably interwoven with the Italy of today. Artistic wonders are found everywhere, even on the street corners of Rome whilst Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world. In fact, Italy has more cultural UNESCO World heritage sites than any other country including 95,000 monumental churches, 40,000 forts and castles, 30,000 historical residences with 4,000 gardens, 36,000 archives and libraries, 20,000 historical cities and towns, 5,600 museums and archaeological sites, and 1,500 convents whilst the remnants of the Roman Empire can be found practically everywhere.

That’s quite a list but it includes the obvious like the Colosseum and Vatican in Rome, Pompei, the artistic delights of Florence, the fashion capital Milan, quirky must-sees like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lakes and mountains like Lake Garda, Lake Como and the scenic Amalfi coastline in the south of Italy evokes images of style and luxury. The rolling landscapes of Tuscany and the romantic sights of Rome and Venice contrast with the industrial heritage of Turin and the world-renowned fashion houses of Milan. This stunning country offers something for everyone, from history buffs and art fans to food lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Luxury Car Hire in Italy

Luxury car hire is one of the best ways to discover and experience Italy. Getting Around Italy in Style Italy’s excellent network of roads links every corner of this stunning destination, and a luxury car rental is the perfect way to weave through the country, whether you choose a supercar hire , sportscar, executive car or a 4x4 SUV. Travel in style from the towering mountain ranges of the Dolomites to a romantic villa in Tuscany, or enjoy the spectacular ocean views while meandering along the Amalfi Coast. There are also plenty of historic cities and towns to choose from, including Verona and Genoa in the north or Naples and Florence further south. Your epic tour of Italy can include one of several must-see sights, such as the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa or the haunting ruins of Pompeii.

Relax and Celebrate

Whatever your itinerary, we offer Italian luxury car rental options for all travel plans. iSuperdrive offers a quality and reliable Italian car rental service, whether you are looking for a quick transfer between your hotel and business meetings or you are travelling on holiday with your family. Our attractive luxury cars feature the latest technology for the best handling and performance without compromising comfort. Allow yourself to be swept away by Italy’s charm and history, without worrying about making train or bus connections. With a luxury car rental from us, you have the flexibility to set your own timetable. Renting a luxury car is also the perfect way to celebrate a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary or other special occasion. Of course, Italy has a supercar heritage like no other country, the indisputable kings of the road – Ferrari and Lamborghini. Turin is also the home of its volume manufacturer Fiat. Italian designs have inspired and thrilled sports car and supercar enthusiasts from around the world, with the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

Technology Leaders

Since the late 1880's, the country has been a leader in manufacturing cars of all sizes and styles. Home to fine palaces and grand boulevards, the regal city of Turin has a long and rich automotive history. It remains an important centre for technology and industry, and is the base for FIAT. With its close links to automotive history, there is no better way to see Italy than in a luxury car rental. Whether you are visiting Italy on holiday or for business, we have comfortable and stylish cars for hire.

We have several car hire locations across Italy, including Milan and Rome. Other locations include Bologna, Catania, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Torino and Venice. Our modern fleet includes an excellent selection of supercars by Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Maserati, Lamborghini and others. You can experience all that Italy offers, in superb luxury and style. At the same time, you benefit from our local fleet owner's commitment to deliver the best possible customer service.

Live ‘la dolce vita’ and make your luxury car rental booking through iSuperdrive. With our large network of suppliers throughout Italy, luxury car rental with iSuperdrive offers a fantastic choice of amazing cars in all the best locations so you can be sure your grand tour will be an unforgettable experience.

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