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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

A fascinating city

Berlin has embraced its ‘renaissance’ since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, when it arguably became the political capital of Europe and some would argue also the cultural. Berlin has recaptured its bohemian character and is once again a mecca for visitors, artists and free thinkers since emerging from its days as a divided city at the heart of the Cold War, now more than 25 years ago. You can collect your luxury car rental at either Berlin Schonefeld Airport or Berlin Tegel Airport or our local fleet partner will deliver it to your hotel or residence.

With iSuperdrive, you can choose the type of car that will suit your visit. If you're wanting to impress, why not choose a supercar or a cabriolet sports car - a Mercedes SLS, Ferrari or a Porsche Panamera. If you're on business, maybe choose a BMW 5 or 7 Series or even a Bentley Continental. If you're with the family with lots of luggage, a SUV such as a Range Rover or a Porsche Cayenne might be sensible.

Visit Berlin and expect to discover a city that is packed full of history and world famous landmarks such as the majetic Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and remnants from the cold war era such as the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie. Meanwhile, the Jewish Memorial, which continues to attract controversy as to it being a fitting memorial to the Holocaust victims, is a short walk from the Reichstag, with its modern dome very much a personification of the new Germany.

What to do in Berlin

There’s so much to experience in Berlin, it’s difficult to do the city justice in a short break. Majestic buildings from the days when Germany first became a unified country in the mid-19th century under Otto von Bismarck mix with the remnants of its communist era. When not enjoying your supercar rental maybe consider a walking tour, which is an excellent way to grasp a tip-of-the-iceberg understanding of the capital whilst taking in its highlights. Museums, trendy bars and cafes, towering office blocks, galleries, green spaces and the predictable ‘pantomime’ guards at Checkpoint Charlie (they will even stamp your passport!) are just a few of its diverse offerings.

The Reichstag – visits to The Reichstag’s dome have to be booked in advance and you will need to take your passport, book an early slot, no later than 8.30am, to avoid the crowds and appreciate the stunning views at a more leisurely pace. Trendy Berlin – for a taste of Berlin’s alternative culture and up-and-coming areas, head to the streets of Auguststrasse, Torstrasse and Linienstrasse with their excellent cafés, fashion stores and galleries. Alexanderplatz – not the most picturesque of areas but Berlin’s communist past is very much apparent here.

Clärchens Ballhaus

The legendary ballroom opened in 1913 at Auguststrasse in the Mitte district has mixed reviews from being a quirky destination capturing the days of the Weimar Republic and the onset of Nazi Germany to being an over-rated tourist trap. East Side Gallery – not to be missed simply because there are not many original parts of the Berlin Wall left. A meander along its longest stretch of some three-quarters of a mile to browse the contemporary art, much of it portraying the Cold War and the fall of the wall. This is a must although the latter day graffiti, as tourists feel the need to make their own mark, is disappointing. Checkpoint Charlie – cheesy it may be with its East German uniformed and American-clad ‘guards’ but a significant location nonetheless. There is also a museum which tells many stories of daring escapes from East to West.

Jewish Museum – a poignant and moving museum which explores Jewish history in Germany, housed in the star-shaped building designed by Daniel Libeskind. Pergamon Museum – situated on Museum Island. The world famous museum is home to ancient relics and collections, including the Pergamon Altar and the reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate from ancient Babylon.

Getting around Berlin

Obviously you will be gliding around in your luxury sports car or supercar but if you do decide to leave the car behind, Berlin has an excellent transport system which runs with typical German efficiency - you can also purchase an all-encompassing travel ticket. Many of the connections involve switching between the S-Bahn to the U-Bahn, effectively, the U-Bahn is the underground although like London, parts run above ground, whilst the S-Bahn is the commuter train to the suburbs, which runs mainly above ground but has some underground parts in the centre.

However, Germany loves its cars. After all, sports cars like the Audi R8 or Porsche 911 Carerra 4, prestige vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz SLK or luxury CLS and SUV models like the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne all roll off the production line here. Driving in Berlin, even in the city centre, isn’t difficult with excellent roads, easy-to-understand sign posts and as long as you obey the rules, simple to navigate. Like London, you will need patience tempered with an assertive style of driving. If you are used to city driving, Berlin will not faze you.

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