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Alex Stewart
by Alex Stewart

Renting a Bentley

The Bentley Continental Supersports is the fastest, most powerful Bentley in the company’s history. What makes it even more unique is it is more driver focused than any other luxury car they have ever produced. Based on the original Continental GT, Bentley have taken the plush, majestic splendour you would expect with a grand tourer and thrown in more power, more athleticism and arguably more style.

Just great looks

Aesthetically, the Continental’s aggressive, low muscular stance not only draws attention to the changes beneath the skin, but serves an equally important technical role. Bentley have managed to engineer a mechanical 2333kg monster, able to effortlessly match its closest rival the Aston Martin DBS in terms of power, speed and control. The Supersports also appeals to the more environmentally friendly car enthusiast too – not only does it run on unleaded but also crop sources E85 bioethanol. In layman’s terms, that makes those glorious drives along the striking Marbella coastline a little less guilt ridden.

All the toys

All Bentley models for hire are incredibly well equipped and will almost certainly include Air conditioning, Satnav, Audio system, Automatic “Quickshift” system, Four-wheel drive system, Continuous Damping Control, Lightweight alloy wheels, Pirelli Ultra High Performance tyres, Bosch Electronic Stability Programme, Automatic retractable spoiler, Heated seats, Satnav, Audio system.


The Bentley Continental Supersports is an ideal cross-continent cruiser. Driving feels refined and unconventionally comfortable; ideal for those cruises around Vienna’s Ringtrasse or Monaco's Grand Corniche. The revised W12 engine, is an advanced 621bhp unit that spearheads the radical Flexfuel programme; we’ve aptly labelled it a ‘beast’. Dramatic vertical front air intakes distribute 10% additional airflow to the twin intercoolers, generating raw power and torque. Combined with its weight and four-wheel drive it possesses immense traction, seemingly bludgeoning all road surface ahead into submission. Off the line, the Continental maintains superior performance and finesse. Combine this with added power and decreased weight and the results see the 0-60mph acceleration time reduced to just 3.9 seconds. Top speeds of 204mph are the icing on top of this exsquiselty designed, mechanical cake.


The Continental Supersports is engineered for a single purpose: to deliver the most thrilling driving experience imaginable. It retains the standard Conti GT’s sleek lines, but with a whole host of aggressive tweaks that make you aware of this Bentley’s performance potential. Head and legroom are generous. The GTC shares its wonderful cabin ambience with its siblings, and the design of the dashboard and door panels is perfectly in keeping with what you expect of a Bentley. The front seats are deep, stiff, manually adjusted carbon-fibre ‘cocoons’ lined with leather and diamond-quilted Alcantara. New 10-spoke, 20-inch alloy wheels, smoked-steel trim and a set of cutting bonnet vents typify Bentley’s sophisticated styling. At the rear there's a pair of polished, oval exhausts – everything about the look of the Supersports screams that this GT means business.

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