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Emma Wren
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Heading to Antwerp for pleasure or business? Make the most of the myriad pleasures of this classic Flemish city with the sheer style, comfort and convenience of one of our rented luxury cars. Antwerp may be Belgium’s second city, but in many ways it sits proudly at the number one spot. Its rich Flemish heritage, status as a world diamond centre and wealth of artistic and architectural wonders, and deserved reputation as Belgium’s ‘Capital of Cool’ imbues it with a cachet that Brussels lacks.

Renting luxury cars in Antwerp unlocks the city and the surrounding countryside, allowing you to explore at your own pace and convenience in total comfort. Belgium’s Capital of Cool. Blessed by a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, today's Antwerp features a thriving coffee culture, art and fashion scenes to rival Paris. Antwerp also a thriving business city home to one of the world’s major diamond trading centres, and Europe’s second largest port. But above all it’s an enchanting city to explore, especially the haunting medieval quarter with its gabled houses and golden statues.

Another must is to visit the bustling diamond district with its dealers, cutters and polishers. Antwerp is a great shopping city too, whether for designer goods on the swank Schuttershofstraat, cutting edge local fashions in the boutiques located near Groenplaats in the historic centre, or fine jewellery in the diamond quarter. Be sure to pack your appetite as the city is home to those rich Belgian treats of waffles, chocolate and beer. Don’t leave town without paying respects to the city’s most famous son, the doyen of Flemish artists, Peter Paul Rubens. Visit the 17th-century Rubens House (Rubenshuis), now a museum to his life and works.

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You can also view two of his most important canvases in the Antwerp Cathedral. Hiring a luxury car allows you to explore this city on the River Scheldt at your own convenience. If you’re arriving on the speedy Eurostar from London, pick up your rental car at Central Station, a major landmark in itself. Or if you’re coming by air, Antwerp is serviced by Deurne airport located just 3 kilometres from the city centre.

Make the most of this lovely Flemish town by arranging your luxury car rental in Antwerp with us. Booking is fast and easy via our online portal which offers you the best available luxury car hire rates for Antwerp. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll put you into contact with one of our partner car hire firms free of charge. Then you deal directly with them. We only work with the best firms that rent luxury cars in Antwerp, to ensure you receive the finest service and reliability at the very best rates.

Our reputable car rental partners are equipped with a fine line of the world’s most desirable makes of car, including plushly interiored BMW, Mercedes and Audi saloons, classic Bentleys, and roomy Range Rovers for smooth driving over any terrain. If you’re in a sporting mood, you can also find high-performance vehicles from legendary manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Whether you’re in town on a weekend break or on business for a few days, or enjoying an extended holiday, renting a luxury car will bring Antwerp alive and let you get around with convenience and comfort so you make the most of your time. To find out more and to rent luxury cars in Antwerp, click Search Now!

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