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Alex Stewart
by Alex Stewart

Renting A 4x4

Hiring a prestige vehicle guarantees stylish and comfortable driving but if something a little more rugged is called for then a 4x4 luxury car rental will meet your requirements. When you're planning an exciting road trip you'll soon discover the benefits of a 4x4 luxury car rental.

From country lanes to mountainous coastal roads or even off-road your 4x4 gives you the power you need when you need it. Sit back and let the car do the work while you enjoy a deluxe driving experience along with the scenery. Whether driving on the road or off-road in your 4-wheel drive SUV, some of the most popular brands include Land Rover, Range Rover, Toyota, Jeep and Mercedes.

Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover

When you have business colleagues to really impress, the latest luxury 4x4 impresses every time. Bentley, Maserati and Jaguar are just some of the names to pick from in the world of luxury 4x4s. With the Bentayga, Bentley claims to have created the fastest and most powerful 4x4 on the market while the luxuriousness of its interior has to be experienced to be believed.

It truly combines the latest technology with deluxe opulence. With the F-Pace, Jaguar has come a long way from its roots. This luxury 4x4 combines sporty handling with everyday practicality. Finally, launch a grand European tour in the sleek and sophisticated silhouette of the powerful Maserati Levante.

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