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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

Europe's Best Driving Roads

We make it easy to combine classic car tours in Europe with the thrill of driving a luxury vehicle. With suggested itineraries for classic car tours based on some of Europe's most famous cities and a choice of deluxe cars from names like Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini we turn your driving dream into a reality. Rent a Bentley or a Porsche and enjoy soaking up the heritage of London. Cruise along the Embankment taking in sights such as the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye before heading to the ritzy marinas of London's Docklands.

Vintage Car Touring Holidays

Enhance a magical stay in Italy's Milan by driving a Ferrari or Maserati. Sweep past the cathedral before crossing the River Po on beautiful medieval bridges. Geneva, home to the prestigious motor show, provides a stately contrast to Milan and deserves to be explored in style so pick a vintage Mercedes for your tour of this Swiss city. Travel around the ancient city of Paris, where romance and fashion meet cuisine and culture, in iconic classic cars like a Renault Sport Spider, a legendary Bugatti Veyron or the unmistakable outline of a Citroen DS.

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