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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

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Monaco is a small independent city-state located on Frances’ South coast and renowned as the 'playground of the rich and famous'. If you want to have an experience like the jet set you should consider a Monaco Classic Car Rental. The Grimaldi family has ruled in Monaco for the past 700 years and has been a large factor in maintaining a level of prestige and glamour in the country. The royal family has supported and fostered the arts which have seen Monaco host some of the most popular cultural events and festivals in the world. Monaco is known for its opulence and wealth and the fantastic Monte Carlo casino and the gaming arena epitomises the decadent lifestyle available in the city.

The city is home to numerous worldwide known events such like the Formula 1 Grand Prix motor race and the yearly film festival, there are deluxe hotels, casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs. Monaco is regarded as the gaming capital of Europe, with a marina jam-packed with premium yachts and a resident population living a tax-free residency. The city is home to the Salle Garnier opera house, the Palace of Monaco, and many of the finest boutiques and designer shops in Europe. Monte Carlo is the home of gambling and it has four casinos all within the belle-epoque area. Monaco is brimming with grandeur and wealth and luxury, classic and supercars are common sights. Imagine how you would look rolling up to the Sun Casino Monte Carlo, ready for an evenings entertainment on the gaming tables. Think how you might leave the keys of an Austin Healy 3000 or a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with the Hotel porter as you wander into a lavish Hotel or a five-star restaurant.

Monaco Vintage Prestige

The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider goes 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, take it for a cruise along the Monaco-Ville press a button and put the top of the convertible roof down. Drive your classic car to see the bright lights and bustling life of Monaco. Take a Lamborghini Aventador over the Rock of Monaco and gaze out over the shoreline at the beautiful blue waters at the French Riviera. The Aventador has a 6.5 litre V12 Engine and can reach 62mph in just 2.9 seconds. Head into town and visit the Musée du Vieux Monaco, soak up the culture at the museums and galleries. You may be looking for thrills and excitement? Imagine driving a classic car around the Grand Prix circuit. Take out an Aston Martin DB6, listen to the engine note as you follow the tracks of world famous racing drivers.

iSuperdrive have a big choice of cars for you to hire. You can travel with ultimate prestige in a Bentley GT Continental or in the sophisticated style of a Jaguar S type with its grand rounded arches and circular headlights. Head out to the dock, Port Hercules, and see the cruise ships sailing into the port, watch as people arrive to enjoy their summer breaks. The summertime is particularly busy in Monaco and there are lots of day trippers coming to holiday from the adjacent towns along the Cote d’Azur. You can pick up your classic car anywhere in Monaco. iSuperdrive classic car rentals are available across the city. Collect your car at the Nice Cote airport if you wish and drive to your Hotel. A meet and greet service is also available, tell us where you are and leave the arrangements to us.

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