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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

Chianti Classic Tour

If you’re looking for classic car rental in Italy, you’ll be glad to know you’re in the right place. iSuperdrive is a site that specialises in renting classic cars in Italy, with gorgeous models available right across the country. Cruising through this incredible country in a classic car sounds like a dream but with our user-friendly search engine system, you can reserve a magnificent vintage car with the click of a button. No matter how long you might be visiting Italy for, or whether you’re popping over to this stunning country for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to find a fantastic vehicle for an affordable price here at iSuperdrive. We partner with the best local classic car dealers in the country to ensure all our users experience Italy in the best possible way. Getting your hands on a set of keys for a fabulous classic car has never been easier.

Drive in Italian Style

Italy is home to a myriad of scenic treasures, from the iconic architectural city of Florence and the global fashion hub of Milan, to the miraculous medieval enchantments of Siena. There’s no need to squeeze into an underground rail carriage or politely push your way onto a packed bus to get around. You can visit every corner of the country, or hop from point to point in a specific city in style with the incredible classic car collection available here at iSuperdrive. Rome is a particularly popular destination for both business people and tourists and there are all kinds of sleek, elegant vehicles available here that can get you from A to B while turning heads along the way. You can also bag yourself a beautiful classic if you’re heading over to Turin, Genoa, Pompeii or any other major city in Italy. A Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Mini, Austin Healey, Ferrari or Lamborghini is never far away, sitting and waiting for you to get into the driver’s seat.

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