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Ferrari Classic Car Rental

Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

Ferrari Driving Thrill

Are you looking to get your hands on one of the most desirable cars in the world? If so, a Ferrari classic car rental from iSuperdrive could be just what you need. Since its formation in 1939, the Ferrari motor company has been responsible for leading the way in luxury and sports car design. For many years, driving a classic Ferrari has been a sign of status and wealth; celebrities such as rock stars and footballers have all owned this classic make. Ferrari also produced racing models of their jaw-dropping vehicles. It was a Ferrari which was used by racing legends such as Sir Stirling Moss to win many races at famous British motorsport tracks, such as Goodwood and Silverstone.

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Models such as the Ferrari 250, Ferrari Berlinetta and Ferrari 365 have all made their mark on the motoring world, and are now sought after by classic car collectors. All around the globe, the distinctive colours of Ferrari red paint and the famous yellow shield featuring a black stallion are recognised as symbols of motoring excellence. A Ferrari classic car hire will allow you to experience the thrill of driving a car, which not only looks beautiful but also features some of the finest motor engineering known to man.

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