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Austria is located in South Central Europe and has multiple neighbours in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Austria has a population of over 8.7 million people and the official first language is German. Lying within the Alps makes Austria a naturally fascinating location for Classic and vintage car rental as the roads are simply fantastic to drive. Austria has a mountainous terrain and is a popular tourist venue with over 20 million visitors every year. Austria has a strong economy and is well known for engineering and machinery, skiing and world famous composers such as Mozart, Strauss and Haydn. Austria is a beautiful country to visit famous for its baroque palaces castles, churches and mountain passes. You can enjoy the country by touring with an Austria Classic Car Rental.

The capital of Austria is Vienna which is east of the country on the River Danube and has 1.7 million residents. It is a good place to start a tour as there is much to see in this historic city. So why not take in the sites in style and hire a Bentley GT Continental? St Peters Church is an 18th Century Baroque Church in central Vienna. The Church opened in 1733 and was designed by Lukas von Hildebrandt, there are three services a day and daily organ recitals. Head South East to St Stephens Cathedral, a Gothic design dating back to 1365 which stands on the previous two incarnations of the church that fell into ruin. Head West across town to the Hofburg, a 13th Century former imperial palace, home of the Hapsburg royal dynasty for generations and now workplace of the President of Austria. From here you can drop in at the museums, the Natural History Museum, Museumsquartier and the Kunsthistorisches Museum are close by so you can soak up some culture for the day.

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Once the evening comes then a visit to the Vienna State Opera is a must. Why not hire a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider to collect you from your Hotel and drive to the Opera in comfort and panache? Hunker down into the sports seats and put the rooftop down, listen to the unique 4.5 litre V8 engine note as you cruise away from the Hotel ready for an evening of fine food, opera and wine. Once your tour of Vienna is complete then why not drive onto Saltzburg? The major cities in

Austria are connected by express roads know as autobahns so it is a good opportunity to open up the throttle in your dream classic car. Hire a Lotus Elise Sprint 220 (2017), the new Elise has shaved off some weight and is still every bit as good as the original sports cars that rolled off the production lines in 1994. Compact and maneuverable the 1.7litre 16v supercharged four cylinder engine delivers 217bhp @ 6800 revs for a thrilling and exhilarating ride. We have many clasic cars available including the Jaguar Xj6, mercedes Benz 400 SE, Rolls Royce Corniche and the Silver Shadow MK 11. Why not take the Grossglockner High Alpine Road from Heiligenblut to Bruck, named after Austria's tallest mountain Grossglockner. It’s a breathtaking route with fantastic scenery and the perfect drive for a classic car. Drive on to Innsbruck and visit the 16th Century Scholss Ambras a fantastic castle and palace nestled in the backdrop of the Alps. iSuperdrive classic car rentals are available across the whole country. You can collect a car at the any of the major cities and drive across the country or to your Hotel. We can also meet you at the airport, just tell us where you will be and leave the details to us.

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