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Alex Stewart
by Alex Stewart

Renting a mercedes Limo

Whether you are arriving at Heathrow airport and heading into London for a business trip or travelling from Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris for a shopping spree, getting from A to B is easier and more straight forward than ever thanks to our range of Mercedes limousine services.

Why waste your valuable time waiting around for public transport or joining the tourists from Tenerife on the official airport transfer when you could be halfway to your destination in your own private Mercedes limo before the rest of your flight has even reached the right bus stop?

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Our wide range of city based Mercedes limousine services aren’t just for airport runs either: why not have a limo pick you up from your hotel and take you out for dinner or wait for you as you hit the shops along the Champs Elysee? After all, there’s no need to carry your own heavy shopping bags when you have a chauffeur available to take them to the car for you!

With its executive feel and luxurious, spacious full leather and wood interior, there is no better executive limo for multi-purpose business and leisure trips across Europe than a Mercedes limousine.

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