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Kelly  Smith
by Kelly Smith

The only Way to Travel

Whilst the limousine service originated in America, limousine services in Germany are incredibly popular. Hiring a limo is a luxurious, practical and efficient way to get from A to B in style, making it a great choice for business travellers who want to relax and unwind between meetings without wasting too much time away from their desks. Read notes, make calls, or even just take five minutes to read the newspaper: by freeing up your journey time, the choice is yours.

Germany is well known as being a paradise for car lovers who like to go fast: the national speed limit on the nation’s autobahns varies, and whilst you will spend much of your journey restricted to 80 mph, there are sections of the road where the only speed limit is as fast as your speedometer will take you!

Just because you’re not behind the wheel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this commitment to speed: there is nothing more exhilarating than travelling in a fast-moving limo and watching the world whizz by your windows.

Exploring Germany

Of course, limousine services in Germany aren’t just for business executives. If you’re visiting Germany for a romantic weekend in Berlin or Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich then why not hire a limo to show you the sights in style?

The convenience of a chauffeur driven limo makes it one of the best ways to explore Germany’s fine cities without having to worry about the hustle and bustle of public transport.

If you want to travel further afield then you could also consider hiring a limousine to show you the splendour of the Black Forest or the beauty of the Rhine Valley. Don’t forget to stop and sample the local cuisine on your way back to your hotel and of course, sample a glass (or two) of Germany’s famous beer.

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