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Ecosse EV is Scotland’s first – and only – chauffeur company, to deliver zero-emissions transportation with its all-electric fleet of the luxury and state-of-the art Tesla performance vehicles. Sitting in the rear of the Tesla Model S for the first time, you enter a world of innovation, style, safety and moreover, a preview and step shift change of how we will all experience chauffeuring in the not-to-distant future.

From the plush leather seats and Alcantara suede trim, to the 17” central touchscreen – used to control all of the vehicle functions and options, the Model S has all the refinements and gadgets you would expect from a prestige level chauffeur vehicle and more. It doesn’t stop there either! One of the most noticeable features of riding in the Tesla is that there is a distinct absence of engine noise. You could be cruising along the motorway at 70 mph and you just wouldn’t know it. With a 0-60mph acceleration of 4.2 seconds, gliding onto the motorway is safe and effortless too.

Headquartered at Ingliston near Edinburgh Airport, and with the main arterial routes on their doorstep; they are perfectly located to react quickly when required, to any last-minute requests, whether it’s in the East, West or Central regions of Scotland.

Ecosse EV has taken what is considered, a bold step in the chauffeur industry. By ignoring the typical offering of fossil fuelled cars – normally associated with chauffeur companies – they decided to become pioneers in the industry, by embracing the only true eco-friendly solution available to the market – the Battery Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV). There are other options which help reduce carbon emissions, such as the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) however, this idea was rejected from the start, as it just didn’t fulfil the clear business objectives set out by Ecosse EV of being the cleanest non-polluting ground transportation company in Scotland.

Touring Scotland

Exploring everything Scotland has to offer, has never been as environmentally sympathetic.  When you set off on your Scottish tour, you will – in a matter of moments –  experience the endless rolling hills, vast and imposing mountains, crystal clear lochs and rivers; all the delights the Scottish countryside is renowned for. Adding to that, the unforgettable fresh air you breath in when you stop off to stretch your legs. There really is no better way to experience the magnificent sights of Scotland than from the safety and comfort of a chauffeur driven Tesla.

Corporate Travel

The benefits of an eco-friendly chauffeur service are not exclusive to the leisure market. With the ever-growing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, organisations are constantly searching for ways to address and reduce their impact on the environment. Lowering the carbon footprint is one of the big ones and employing the services of a zero-emissions ground transportation company to combat that, only reinforces that commitment.


If being in the driving seat is more your thing, the Tesla Model S is also available for self-drive. After a short familiarisation session, you’ll be free to hit the open roads, safe in the knowledge that your journey will have negligible impact on this magnificent landscape.

For more information on Chauffeur Drive or Self-Drive, visit www.ecosse-ev.com or email enquiries@ecosse-ev.com

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