Aston Martin announces powerboat plans in Dubai

For those that may not know, it’s not just luxury and supercars that Aston Martin offer. They also delve into the powerboat sector. Last month news of the prestigious car company’s new speedboat were released and now we can bring you more information about the boat dubbed the AM37 which have arrived from the Armani Hotel in Dubai.

Aston Martin powerboat sliding deck -


Aston Martin AM37 Features

One of the most noticeable features from the superboat is the slid-able deck, allowing the cockpit to be completely covered when not in use. This deck is comprised of three large carbon fibre panels making it easy to slide open as soon as the boat hits the water.

Aston Martin powerboat features


As with all Aston Martin cars you can expect comfort, luxury, killer sounds and of course cutting edge technology. The air conditioning, fridge and espresso machine can be started on remote while still at home or driving to the marina. The beautiful infotainment system will come equipped with all that’s needed to both entertain and provide all the guidance and navigation required, controlled by an interactive intuitive voice controlled system.

We are still awaiting (with baited breath) the full specs and details regarding the AM37. This vessel is truly exclusive and the only way to find out the full specs and details is to become a potential customer. Aston Martin are giving out more info, but on a strictly one on one basis. This definitely raises the anticipation for the vehicle.

Aston Martin AM37 interior


One thing isuperdrive can confirm is that there will be two versions built. Firstly, the AM37 with twin 520 hp petrol engines and capable of 44 knots. Then there’s the AM37S with twin 600 hp Mercury petrol engines capable of hitting 52 knots.

The concept of an Aston Martin speedboat is not new. Back in 2011 Luiz de Basto’s European design house created the concept Voyage 55 yacht in homage to Aston Martin, inspired by the automotive brilliance of the Vantage, Rapide, DBS and Virage on to a common ‘boating platform’.



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