5 smart ways to make your ski break super stylish

Any ski break to Meribel, Courchevel or the 3 Valleys in general is pretty epic in its own right. But say you’re out to well and truly lap up the luxury from start to finish, how can an already awesome outing be amped-up beyond the norm?
Well, the good news is that these are exactly the kinds of places where exclusivity and excess come in pretty huge measures to say the least. Luxury catered chalets in Meribel, like Alpine Infusion ones, tick all the right boxes for those with discerning tastes, but it’s the little extras and add-ons that make all the difference.

And when we say little extras, we actually mean the kinds of mind-blowing extras it’d be criminal not to indulge in, given the opportunity.

luxury ski holiday with isuperdrive & Alpine Infusion

Top 5 extras to make your ski break – from luxury chalets to supercar hire

1 – Private Aircraft

For example, what’s to gain from rubbing shoulders with the masses when there are so many outstanding private air travel services, right to the heart of the 3 Valleys? You’ll get there in half the time, there’s no need to sit in the airport for three hours prior to taking off and as for the baggage-hall chaos…forget about it. In fact the only negative thing about arriving by private aircraft is you won’t be able to bear the thought of ever boarding the commercial sky-tractor ever again!

2 – Supercar Hire

You absolutely have to take the time to explore this stunning region of the world by car – an outing which of course demands an equally stunning set of wheels. This is exactly the kind of place where Ferraris and Bugattis are pretty much the order of the day, every day. Check out a few neighbouring results, cruise on some of the most beautiful roads you’ll ever encounter or simply blast through all the tunnels you can find to really take in the roar of the engine. If you’re not exploring by supercar here, you’re doing it wrong…and very wrong, at that.

3 – Private Chef

One of the biggest bonuses of hiring out the most OTT and ostentatious luxury chalets Courchevel has to offer is being able to take full advantage of your own private catering service. And we’re not talking a few nibbles and a spare tea-bag here and there – we’re talking total luxury, fine dining with personalised menus and full five-star service. It’s one thing to head to an awesome eatery – it’s another to have world-class talent come to you.

4 – Hot Tub Panorama

Sure, it’s a cliché, but at the same time there’s nothing quite like revelling in your own private hot tub with the kind of view the average traveller would kill for. Oh and while you’re at it, why not combine the most awesome hot tub in the 3 Valleys with the services of your private catering team?

5 – Private Tuition

Last up, if you’re in need of any kind of tuition or guidance while on the slopes, be sure to book yourself in with a quality private tutor ahead of time. Whether it’s strategically avoiding the lift lines, getting yourself to places others never see or simply gaining access to the latest and best equipment on the face of the Earth, this is exactly how to go about it.
Simple really – five steps from the generic to the undeniably awesome!


To rent a luxury 4×4 SUV or supercar for your ski holiday head over to our car pages here.

If you’d like to rent a luxury chalet in Meribel, Courcheval or 3 Valleys check out Alpine Infusion here.

Photo source: flickr.com/photos/petritech

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