The Ultimate Supercar Autobahn Experience

Experience the world´s fastest highways with Motion Drive®

Welcome to the year 2018: Worldwide petrolheads are suffering from downsized cars, emission-based limitations, electric cars and speed limits… with one exception: The holy German Autobahn remains the last of its kind, offering the perfect conditions to get to know what driving a supercar can really feel like!

To get familiar with the Autobahn and it’s history, here are some facts you might not have heard about:

1) Speed record: You think a Bugatti Veyron reaching 407 km/h nowadays is impressive? Well, what about the Mercedes W125? It was fearless Rudolf Caracciola that took this V12-monster to some unbelievable 433 km/h already in 1933. A record that´s still valid over 80 years later!

2) Nazi propaganda: You think that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the idea of it? We´re sorry, but that is wrong. It was Konrad Adenauer coming up with this idea already a few years earlier.

3) Left lane: Germans are very strict in following rules and regulations. And so you´ll recognize why the left lane is free most of the time: It´s only allowed for overtaking unless the other lanes are not possible to use.

Interested in some more stunning facts? Just have a look in “10 facts you didn´t know about the German Autobahn” (

I assume you´re really hungry for some Autobahn right now…?

Then let me introduce you to the German Autobahn Experience:


…the world´s fastest highways!

…the supercar of your dreams (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi R8, Nissan GTR and even the mighty Bugatti Veyron)!

…7 start locations all over Germany (like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg)!

…full service packages including a professional driving instructor, fuel costs and fully comprehensive insurance!

Starting from 299€, Motion Drive® probably offers Europe´s best German Autobahn Experience:

If you´re still not convinced, we have some nice customer video review with one of Motion Drive´s former customers:

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