New McLaren 675 LT supercar review

So, we’ve just seen the first drive for the McLaren 675 LT Supercar and we’re impressed.

McLaren has stepped up its game an awful lot in the past few years. For years the F1 was the piece de resistance; but now McLaren have several supercars at a variety of price points – and there’s even a new kid on the block – the McLaren 675LT. In our opinion it is a big step forward from what is still an awesome supercar, the Mclaren 650S and is probably top of its class. In fact, the 675 LT is nearer the almost perfect supercar the Mclaren P1.

Obviously, this vehicle is not a flamboyant, precise or as fast as the P1; but it is to some more impressive. The McLaren P1 is £1 million, but this new 675 LT is only a quarter of the price, but almost on the same level as the P1. A fact proved by the Silverstone lap time of this £259,500 675 LT resulting in a far closer time to the £903,000 McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar than the £195,250 650S upon which it is based.

Black McLaren 675 LT Supercar

What’s the performance of the Mclaren 675LT?

This car can hit 62mph from standstill in 2.9sec and then consider the only reason that it’ not any quicker is down to the traction limitation of rear-wheel drive. Think that’s impressive, well the top speed is pretty awesome too, hitting a 205mph.

It’s faster, lighter and more efficient than 650S, hence why we think it’s closer to the P1 than the 650S. Their strategy has definitely been to use science and lighten the car as opposed to pushing up the power. The BHP is up to 666 horsepower, up from 641, and 516 lb-ft of torque, up from 500 — but combined with the lowered weight, the half-new V-8 creates a pretty impressive outcome.
When it comes to handling, as expected, McLaren have worked their magic.

Why is the McLaren called the 675LT?

The LT tag stands for “long tail”, in homage to the F1 GTR long tails developed for GT racing in the late nineties. The F1 Longtail was longer, lighter, faster; so is this car.

How can I rent a McLaren 675LT

It’s going to be tricky as McLaren are only making 500. That’s the same as the LaFerrari! isuperdrive are hoping to be able to offer this wonderfully crafted supercar for rent throughout Europe soon, but we think you will be better off renting the McLaren P1 supercar which we currently have for rent now – just head over to our safe, secure booking system. Alternatively, you could hire the luxury McLaren MP412 C here.

McLaren 675 LT Supercar

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