McLaren unveils its cheapest ever supercar the 540C in Shanghai

McLaren has today unveiled its most ‘accessible’ supercar to date. The McLaren 540C Coupe will be available for a ‘measly’ £126K making it the ‘cheapest’ car available from the British manufacturer.

The new car’s objective is to bring the brand to the ‘mainstream’ sports car market, competing against the likes of the Audi R8 and Porsche 911. With this in mind, the 540C has to be of a certain standard, it simply wouldn’t work if the Surrey based company made the car to feel cheap. They definitely succeed. Jump into the cockpit and you’ll immediately realise that you’re in a luxury sports car. There’s not a single piece of leather that doesn’t fit, nor is there cheap plastic scattered around the inside.

McLaren 540C in Shanghai -

How does the Mclaren 540C look?

It’s wider, longer and lower than the Porsche 911 making it an attractive proposition. Furthermore, the piece de resistance is the beautiful Gullwing doors. You wouldn’t know you were in what has been described as a ‘cheap’ McLaren. It may not be as stunning as the exotic McLaren P1, but it definitely holds its own within its class.

McLaren announce new supercar 540C -

So how does the McLaren 540C performance stack up?

Then there’s the impressive performance attributed to this car. The 540C name derives from the fact that the car produces 540bhp (533bhp to be precise). The 3.8litre twin turbo V8 culminates in a peak power of 7500rpm. The 0-62mph is a quick 3.5 secs and it also knocks out an impressive 0-124mph in 10.5secs. The rear wheels receive power from the mid-mounted engine and distributed by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

This fabulous sports car has been announced at the Shanghai Motor show and by all accounts has been extremely well received.

Ok, for many £126K is still well out of their price range; but for us at it offers the perfect luxury supercar rental option – A superb looking supercar with all the thrills you’d expect from McLaren at a ‘reasonable price’.

We offer luxury and supercar rental across London, UK and Europe, including some fantastic McLaren supercars such as the P1. Stay tuned for news of when we will have the Mclaren 540C available to rent.

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