Lexus and BMW teaming up for supercar project

BMW is teaming up with Lexus to create a supercar they hope will not only rival, but will outperform the fantastic Audi R8.

Lexus are BMW’s preferred partner as they have prior experience building a supercar. The Lexus LFA survived the recession and looks to be a good choice. BMW is known as one of the top dogs in the auto industry, and the BMW i8 is a stunning example of what BMW can do when it designs performance vehicles. Could this be a match made in supercar heaven?

Sources say that both companies have collaborated to create a prototype in a mid-engined layout with full-time AWD. In fact, in terms of powertrains, rumblings seem to point to the next generation LFA packing a drivetrain system similar to the new Honda NSX’s, with electric motors powering the front wheels fitted inside an aluminium space frame and carbon-fibre bath-tub configuration.

That’s not all…then there’s the edge of your seat, spine tingling news that there are two power units currently under development. One of these power sources for BMW’s supercar will be a bespoke M-developed straight-six twin turbo with plug-in hybrid technology courtesy of Toyota.

Why are BMW and Lexus Partnering to build a supercar?

So why is this exciting news happening? Well it sounds like it could be a bit of an ego thing:

“BMW is getting trounced in the PR war of words in Germany, with Audi saying that BMW does not have a supercar whereas Audi does,” says a source close to Lexus. BMW wants to change that, with Toyota’s help.

Here at iSuperdrive we’re excited as a supercar worthy of the iconic BMW ‘M’ badge is something special. Keep checking into the blog for more updates on this car as we don’t expect to see the final version until 2020 at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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