iSuperdrive adds new McLaren P1 to its impressive fleet

You spoke, and we listened – And now we can welcome the fantastic McLaren P1 to our family. The fabulous supercar is now live and our users can visit to compare and book the Mclaren P1 quickly, easily and safely in London, the UK or Europe. Furthermore, the bookers deposit is fully refundable should you not be able to proceed with the order – making the service completely risk free. It joins its sibling the fantastic McLaren MP4-12C.

So how did we decide on the McLaren P1?

We have been deliberating what car to add next and just couldn’t decide. So what better way to help us choose our next beauty than with some audience participation? We have been polling whether we should add the P1 or the La Ferrari on our social media and the P1 just edged the vote. So as promised, hey presto here is our new addition to the fleet.


About the car

The British McLaren P1 is an amazing specimen. Most supercar fans have been eagerly awaiting the F1’s successor. It may not be as fast as its predecessor with a top speed limited to 217mph (like that’s not fast enough!); but in nearly every other aspect the P1 has raised the bar. The car is all about its drive and has been billed as the ‘best drivers’ car in the world’. This makes it the ideal car for rental in both busy cities and on the open road.

Its key stats are impressive: 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds and 0-123mph in 6.8 seconds – 5.5 seconds quicker than the F1. This hybrid generates 903bhp from its 3.8 litre V8 engine and electric motor. And boy does it look good! To find out more on the superb McLaren P1 visit our dedicated page to the masterpiece.

David Robertson, Managing Director had this to say:

 “Put simply the McLaren is a special machine. It is a limited production car and we are lucky enough to have added it to our fleet. Anyone who has had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of the McLaren knows just what an amazing experience this supercar offers. You can really feel that the manufacturers have left nothing to chance and everything has been designed for a reason”

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  1. Ridzwan 10th August 2015 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    There is a typo in your article:
    2.8 litre V8 engine
    should be “3.8 litre”.

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