Guest Post By Geoff Maxted / Why Drive A Supercar?

Happiness is a state of mind. It can take many forms. It may be a first love, the thrill of a winter storm, a sunny beach at dawn or just waking up in the morning and finding you are still functioning. Driving a supercar can make you happy by taking you to new and dizzying automotive heights, thrusting you into another dimension of time and space.

Picture The Scene

Being behind the wheel of a serious machine (like the Porsche GT3 RS pictured) with an explosive 513bhp at the tip of your foot, that whisks you from zero to 62mph in just 3.2 seconds from a standing start. It all happens faster than you can say brake horse power. Cars like the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Lamborghini Huracan or the aforementioned Porsche are, in effect, racing cars that just happen to be road-legal. Why would you be unhappy?

It’s All About The Engineering

Supercars are all about cutting edge engineering. Where these cars lead, others follow. The steering will always be enormously precise with real feel. You simply cannot miss your corner apex. Front-end traction and state-of-the-art aerodynamics ensure that entering corners make the cars feel totally flat and stable; there’s nothing twitchy going on; at least on dry roads. On the way out of the bend the shove from the rear-end is immense, yet these cars are so well set-up there is no fear, apprehension or sweaty palms.

And always, always, they are whispering in your ear like little devils on your shoulder: ‘Go on. You can do this’.

One of the most surprising aspects of ultimate sports cars is the ride. Unless totally hardcore machines these sleek beauties are quite amiable when pottering about. Sure, the ride is firm and the occupants can feel the bigger blemishes of the road surface, but on a smooth road all is serene.

Be Happy

Clearly, all this comes at a price. You have to pay for excellence. You have to pay more for the research and development that has fettled every aspect of a supercar, every component working in harmony with all others. If you can’t afford to buy, these days it is possible to book driving experiences for at least a taste of what is available.

And then of course there’s the soundtrack. There are few things more addictive than the growl of a V8 or the high-pitched shriek of a V10 at full chat. It’s a symphony on wheels played by Iron Maiden. It’s a fairground ride fashioned by the gods of automotive rock and roll. Motoring Nirvana. Go on; be happy.

Geoff Maxted

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