Guest Blog – 8 Things Non-Supercar Lovers Will Never Understand

Take a deep breath and get ready. Believe it or not, there are actually some people out there that don’t like supercars. It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Nothing beats the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping thrill ride of driving a supercar.  So whether you are devoutly anti-supercar or could just use a little refresher course, we are going to tell you about the eight amazing things that only we supercar lovers understand.

2) The Loudness is for US not You

When we come blitzing down the road, or rev the engine it’s not to put on some show to entertain you or try to get your attention. There is nothing better than the sound of a finely tuned V12 rumbling through the streets. Driving a supercar is like listening to our own private symphony.

3) Rainy Days are Good Days

When you see the skies darken and the rain begins to pour, you probably know now’s a good time for a little Netflix and chill. What better time could there be to catch up on some sleep or get a few things done around the house. For us supercar nuts when we see rain clouds, we see an opportunity to get on the road and have some real fun.

4) Our Favorite Places are Abandoned

Your favorite mall by your house finally closed down after twenty years of no business. Great! This is an opportunity for a little twisting and turning through the maze-like parking structures and through the underground garages. Abandoned airfields, business complexes, and decommissioned roads are some of the best places for us to enjoy our free time.

5) A Car is More than Just a Car

Sure you can take your old Honda and get it up to 120 miles per hour on the racetrack but that’s not the point. Driving a supercar is about the total experience. It starts with how the car looks and ends with doing hairpin turns and stopping on a dime. Everything about the supercar is engineered to give you a complete driving experience.

We don’t care about getting from point A to point B, but how we get there! When we think about going on a thousand mile long road trip it’s not really about arriving at some incredible destination. It’s more about the mountains, valleys, plains, and highways we can drive through along the way. Who cares about getting out to look at some old monument? We want to refuel, maybe throw down a hamburger and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

6) Cars equal True Love

Your girlfriend might dump you or cheat on you with your best friend, but that’s no skin off nose. Go have fun is what we say, we’ll catch you in the fast lane.  People like us develop a true relationship with the vehicles we drive. To be honest, if you’re like us, you will get attached to even driving a beat-up old jalopy. But then, there is the experience of driving something like a Ferrari or Lamborghini and that takes things to a whole new level.. It’s a full body experience from the way the steering wheel feels in our hands to the sound of the gull-wing doors closing. Everything is just perfect for us. More than anything, it’s the butterflies in the stomach when you turn on the engine and shift into gear. It’s every great experience combined into one.

7) We have Different Hobbies After-Midnight

If you are like most people, you probably are long in bed by midnight or maybe out on the town. For us, there is no sweeter time than two or three am on a weekday night. It’s when the highways and roads are completely empty and is the best time to really enjoy a car. This is doubly true for cities.

During the day, cities are congested, traffic hells that can almost spoil the fun of any car you drive, but at night this infrastructure is free to roam. There’s nothing better than circling the city, driving through the tunnels and truly feeling the twists and turns of the road.

8) We Don’t Always Need Speakers

Most people get in the car and the first thing they do is tune into their favorite radio station or hook up bluetooth. While having some classic jams on is always a good time, there’s nothing better than rolling down the windows and hearing the car in total action.

This is especially true for tunnels. Admit it. When you head into a tunnel, the first thing you do is roll up the windows to block out the sound, but for us, there is nothing better than the sound of a straight-pipe exhaust system revved up to max RPMs amplified by the tunnel walls.

Get the Thrill of the Ride Anytime You Want

Driving a supercar is an unbeatable thrill. It gives you the opportunity to turn driving into something a whole lot more. Now that we have let you in on eight of our little secret pleasures, it’s time for you try one out for yourself. Whether you are looking to test out a vintage Porsche or brand-new Ferrari, we have something for you. So now it’s time for you to get out there and feel the true pleasure of driving an incredible supercar.

Liked what you read? This was a guest post made by Felix Yim, over at Society of Speed, a supercar lifestyle blog that covers everything from the latest Nurburgring contender to timepieces that costs the same as a Mclaren.

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