European Driving Tours By Epik Drives

Big names like the Stelvio Pass in Italy and the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania are without doubt among the most iconic and desirable driving roads in Europe. Car Enthusiasts from all over the world have spent many a Friday afternoon fantasizing about driving a least one of those roads in a Ferrari, Porsche or other supercar and with a bit of research they often come across EPIKdrives – where they find end-to-end itineraries including the finest routes, the best hotels and the supercar rental of choice.

But the most rewarding driving roads are often not as extreme and high up as we expect them to be. Especially for those who are new to the world of driving tours choosing an entry level itinerary might be a good idea. Here are some of the most scenic and rewarding driving tours available on the web:

Munich is surrounded by some of the finest driving grounds in Europe and the perfect base for an Austrian Alps Driving Tour. Not only will you get to drive a nice stretch of the almighty German Autobahn and long-sweeping Bavarian countryside roads, the big star is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria and its fantastic views. Flanked with historical sights, like the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle or Hitler’s former tea-house near Berchtesgaden this driving tour lets you experience the most interesting of the region.

The city of Stuttgart is admittedly not the most beautiful place in Germany but as the home to the Mercedes and Porsche Museum, the city is a top destination for car enthusiasts from all over the world. And, all surrounded by the wonderful and often underestimated driving grounds of the Black Forest & Alsace Driving Tour. Stay a night at the spa-town of Baden-Baden before heading back to Stuttgart or decide on an extra day of driving over the gentle curves of the Black Forest all the way into the French Alsace.

For those who like the sea, we recommend the Adriatic & Croatia Grand Tour available in different formats to start either at the Croatian capital of Zagreb or Ljubljana in Slovenia. The tour follows the most beautiful coastline roads and fine scenic routes into the backland of Croatia. The exceptionally good road conditions are paradise for any supercar driver and are linked up with the best hotels along the Adriatic coast.

Last but not least we want to suggest a classic. The Tuscany Driving Holiday from Florence is always a special treat. The calm and luxurious atmosphere of the Tuscan landscapes make it perfect for those in search of a more relaxed and easy driving experience with a lover or family. Not to forget the outstanding Italian food and historical sights.

Whatever driving tour you decide, each one has its own character and suits different expectations. Thoughtful tour planning and knowledge of a region are crucial to make your driving tour a pleasant experience. It is highly recommended to get advice from one of the travel pro’s at EPIKdrives by phone or e-mail, who are happy to assist you further.

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