10 of the worst supercar crashes in London

Driving a supercar is one of the most exhilarating, thrilling experiences in life. The throaty roar and admiring looks being just part of what makes these machines so pleasurable to drive. Whether you’ve bought one yourself or are just renting for the day, it is still impossible not to feel privileged in the surprisingly comfy driver’s seat of a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 458 Italia.

However, with this great power comes great responsibility, and the drivers below found this out in a cruel, and very costly, fashion.

Here are 10 of the worst supercar crashes that have happened in or around London:

  1. McLaren 650 S Spider

This McLaren 650 S Spider was left almost completely destroyed after it crumpled following a crash in the exclusive Eaton Square district in central London. It is believed to have collided with a Saab at traffic lights and spun on impact, scattering its expensive parts across the road.

McLaren 650 S Spider

  1. Lamborghini Aventador

The below Lamborghini Aventador was involved in a very costly accident after it was involved in a three-car smash in one of London’s poshest streets: Sloane Square. The £300,000 supercar had been filmed being driven aggressively in the past with flames firing out of its uprated exhaust.


  1. Pagani Zonda GJ

The next crash was extremely unfortunate for the owner, not least because he wasn’t even driving it! The driver of the Pagani Zonda GJ wasn’t the owner of the car, and was driving it around an industrial estate in East London. For an unknown reason he lost control of the £1 million supercar and crashed into metal fencing, seriously damaging the car’s bodywork. Safe to say the owner will think twice before giving his keys to anyone again.


  1. Ferrari 458 Italia

Every supercar owners worst nightmare; a lorry collided with this £170k Ferrari – and speared it with a metal bar. The red 458 Italia was parked down a side street when the significantly larger 12 tonne lorry tried to negotiate a tight corner in a narrow street. As you can see, the Ferrari came out of the situation a lot worse.


  1. Bugatti Veyron

Possibly one of the most expensive crashes to take place in the UK, a businessman wrote off his £830,000 Bugatti supercar after a horrific accident saw it spin out of control, crash into another vehicle and then smash into a hedgerow. All those involved were ok but the same can’t be said for the Veyron, one of the most expensive and fastest ‘street legal’ cars in the world.

Bugatti Veyron

  1. McLaren F1

The next accident involves a McLaren, an unlikely actor and what is thought to be the biggest-ever single car insurance claim. In 2011, Rowan Atkinson lost control of his 240mph McLaren F1 and crashed it into a hedge in Oxfordshire. His insurance company was handed a £910,000 repair bill to get it road worthy again, and the interesting thing is that while most cars lose their value after being involved in a serious crash, the F1 is different. It’s price continued to rise and Atkinson eventually decided to sell up for a staggering £8 million!

McLaren F1

  1. Maserati Granturismo

Now this one is very unlucky (and expensive!) for two car owners. The following collision involved a Range Rover colliding into a Maserati Granturismo and an Audi A5, which were both parked on the side of a street. It just goes to show your cars aren’t even safe when parked up in a residential area.


  1. Aston Martin DB5

An English classic, the Aston Martin DB5 was driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond classic Goldfinger, and by Daniel Craig in the recent Skyfall. However, clearly the driver of this DB5 didn’t have James Bond’s driving abilities, as the Aston Martin was reduced to a mangled wreck after being involved in a smash with a Vauxhall Astra. It is not known what caused the collision but the £1 million vehicle was immediately written off.

Aston Martin DB5

  1. Jaguar XF

The driver of this Jaguar was involved in a messy collision near Peckham, London. It had been raining heavily and the XF had already swerved to the right to avoid one car, but failed to avoid a collision with another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. The Jaguar was written off after the accident but all occupants came out unhurt.

Jaguar XF

  1. Ferrari 250 GTO

Coming up last but not least on our list is thought to be the most expensive car crash ever. Touted as the Ferrari that most successfully embodies the traits of the marque, the 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most valuable car in the world. In 2008 an anonymous English buyer bought a 250 GTO at auction for a record £24,000,000. The crash below shows what happened after the owner made the simply unbelievable decision to take it onto the track.

Ferrari 250 GTO

And finally something a little different…

A teenager who jumped on a £250,000 supercar was ordered to pay £300 in compensation to the millionaire driver. The 17 year old posed in front of the camera as he caused £10,000 damage to the brand new McLaren 12C Spider, which was parked down a side street. The bumbling teen shot himself in the foot however after he posted pictures of his escapades online.



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